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I hope

That the day never comes for you

The day you wake up to see everything

Everything as it is

Everything that’s been lost

All that’s right and wrong

Keep the rose gold

If not for me, for you

Innocence can’t be lost in you

For the day we lose this

We lose our bliss

So yes… I’ll write to you

May you never know this day.

For the day you can say

I’ve left that prison cell of high school drama

Or even better I’ve never dared to enter

My mind has been living in a different world

Thank you for protecting me

Thanks for being all the glory of happiness

And goodness that has never been lost

Or had to be regained

I say this for my children

And those children’s children

So we may see the end of suffering

And this brave new world

Not so scary and cruel

But open and inviting

A jungle of possibilities

So we don’t get bored with life

And each and all of us can understand

Exploration even if it’s staying in one place

Someone once said to me “purity”

As if it’s been so lost

So may we remember what that is

Remember to feel the Nouveau



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