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Be a Lotussoul Crown to Root

Each one of us has a chakra system based on many things and connects to our overall health.

When aligned creates for beautiful living based on surrendering, grace, and much more. Feeling healthy and attuned can do many things for your health, mental wellness, and ability to prosper.

Therefore, I wish well for any and all who cross my path that they too find things balance and acceptance of life. May you be sound mind body and soul, from Crown to Root.

May you be balanced and in unity

through the “roots of your life”. Also, may you find much grace in life which is wisdom and “peace of mind”

For those just being exposed to this way of thinking, May you find acceptance and some patience in it too. For I believe coexisting is our saving grace. So may we find those days to come, especially in times like these.

When life blind sides you sometimes it’s okay to be in the wallow. Acceptance for what’s out of our control and yet finding some sense of peace in the chaos, is a saving grace no matter how small or big. Yet we hope tomorrow finds better. One day that will be true no matter what either way. So… Cry. Laugh. Rise.

May your soul find the ability to be aligned from root to crown. May you be grounded. May you love yourself. May your star shine. May you have a voice. May you have a mind of your own. May you be an explorer and a savior.



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