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For Health

The nervous system is very important

It helps register our survival instincts

Which is our first response

It is important to protect the body

Our health is everything

This system registers fight or flight

This system registers others

There’s also a third option stay

(Could be a potentially more risky situation)

I’ve spent my whole life fine tuning this


I don’t talk about this

Something I do running as if in the background along with all the other various things I do

Yet is relevant

Even more so for the abuse I’ve endured

What it does when you hurt someone





This is just one system that could possibly be effected

This is just one system that I’ve been spending my life perfecting

This is just one system that I’ve spent my life understanding

What this means consciously and subconsciously

What this means for soul.

Love Always,


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 04, 2023

Speaking of experiences that we often prefer to keep to ourselves is courageous and moves us forward in healing. Thanks for sharing and sending healing love.

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