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Honoring Native Americans

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Thanksgiving was actually originated from a very tragic moment in time. A time when people were hurt because they were misunderstood or appeared different.

We are truly healing generational trauma. Today is one of those days for many who have “True Native American blood.”

May they be uplifted.

“Love thy Neighbor as thy loves self” Ren

We can actually have a lot of anxiety and stress around the holidays from the moments in time they were based on. There hasn’t been much exposure here. This is what I hope to bring forth to other through healing.

These were tragic moments and beautiful birthing moments, I understand this being of a “Lotus”. Something grown beautifully from such a dark murky setting. Being that I do have ties to Native American Bloodlines, I hope and pray for all of those healing today. May we find solace in the coming of understanding and acceptance.

We are experiencing long forgotten trauma being brought up for proper acknowledgement.

This is partially from the weight being carried for so long of these burdened moments. Most didn’t know, forgot, and/or weren’t in these moment.

We are seeing and hearing more and more of this. I hope to make others aware of these beautiful birthing moments since we can take something once tainted and make it bright! Such as what the native Americans endured from others “exhibitions”, which we now celebrate through “Thanksgiving.”

We truly need to open our minds, ears, and eyes to moving in gratitude through these moments. Grateful for their truth and retribution. Grateful for what still remains, and what better is to come from truly healing self trauma and generational trauma.

I hope we can lower the statistics of “mental health problems” during the time of holidays. Also, I pray on this throughout all time.

Those that either their soul, or family Lineage were a part of these tragedies need extra gentleness with self and from others. The times are changing for the better as we get to now honor what we really know is “important“.

Now is the time for healing.

Now is the time for acknowledgment.

Now is the time for self reflection.

Now is the time for Compassion.

Now is the time for Forgivness.

Like all of us today, working on healing this generational trauma we must remember truth and respect. These stories, information, and forth coming are to help us all understand and heal. I’m grateful to be a guide to help others. Hope you have a moment to reflect on your own part in what today means. What it is you need to let go, what it is you need to use your voice for.

Forgive for “yourself”. Unload that unwanted baggage. Open your heart to receive for yourself.

This came to mind as I reflect on my own purpose of what it means to be living in this time. Hope goodness crosses your path in healing.

All to be thankful for ♥️

All for giving and receiving ♥️


Happy Holidays

Much love,


Brianna Ren

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