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If You Ever Find Yourself

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

If you ever find yourself

Out there all on your own

Wanderlust on the wind

Dancing on light again

Remember what your roots are for

Remember that time in the fields

Time was simpler

Less time on these knees

So we play it all by ear

One judgment away from a tear

One movement from the one

Just like that

That’s what it’s all for

Remember that song

The one that always came on

We didn’t know it’d remind me of you

What it is to be lost

Yet so born to run

You only can know this heart you’ve torn

You fill me just like all the ones of glory

Even the ones written out of this story

I carry each like a film reel

Something for my eyes to flicker on

Remember that path

The one we both promised to take

Who knew it’d be our ticket out of this place

Remember that number

The one you trained so well to be

Finding me in the right times

You know it’s all well

The roads you drove with me

So I bring it back to this

What can be so tender

What we can miss

Faint as a flint in the sea

I’ll always be

I am the one

You are always in this memory

So keep your promises to me

Live this life so effortlessly

For the thoughtfulness was never your way

It was always mine

All the words I never say

You know who you are

You’re right here

And I’m right here in the part

Together at last

And always so far apart


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