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Just Know

As I go to post this message, I deal with someone trying to break my phone, hijack my communication so I can't get word out...

Well here it is:

Someone said to me: “I went to war for you! I went to desert storm!”

My reply: “I’ve been at war every day of my life!”

That settles that

How conflicted his face was at the hard truth

Seeing he’d lost in so many ways

“He even said to me I wish I would of taken you out then, as he had a raise hand to my face, about to hit me”

Another person in the room, a woman, said that’s enough don’t do you hit her.

And we sat and ate a whole meal

I ate and they watched me, we wouldn’t always eat together

The sad part is the war being every day of my life is that the man who threatened me with that language was my dad, and he was the one causing the war everyday of my life.

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