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This mantra is something I use throughout daily life. It helps build embodiment of ethics, generosity, perseverance, wisdom, intuition, concentration, and patience. It's reference is to Avalokiteśvara the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

The meaning of the mantra upon spoke:

OM: The beautiful echo of sound throughout the universe, the sound of creation.

MANI: The Jewel or "Jeweled"

PADME: Lotus Flower

HUM: Enlightenment

Upon chanting this mantra, it sends gratitude and praise to these Buddhist deities. Sending this love and vibration to the manifestos of the universe.

"The Jewel Is In the Lotus" (typical full conceptual translation).

Just upon the speech and vibrations of this mantra, you send purification through your mind, body, and spirit. This ancient mantra connects us, cleans us, and manifests through love and compassion.

Find a way to incorporate this beautiful saying into your day along with intent! Hope you see the wondrous results, like it's had on my life.

When I completed this piece of art work it was to match my prayer wheel. I am fortunate enough to have found one and been able to bring it home with me. Having my own personal prayer wheel I wanted to ensure my love and intent was exemplifying. Often these pieces just flow and become what they are meant to be with little planning. Before I knew it, this art piece had movement, color, character, and reciprocated energy. One with love, balance, harmony, levels, glow, and timelessness.

May the Jewel in the Lotus and this Hamsa hand persevere with love, happiness, good fortune, good health, purification, fertility, and protection. For every time you see this symbol and say this mantra may it find its properties permeating into your life.

With lots of love and protection,


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