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Prudence’s Constellations

Don’t you know

All the hours to pass the time

From which you came

Remember the rhyme

There’s been so much distance

Two paths of equals if chosen

Why wage a war when love is the lure

Enjoy deep breaths

A hearth of eleven, which you said never

So do I try to show you another you

My mistake being so bare

The highest climb the nearest edge

To have it all is easily done

Lead of the heart is the hardest part

So I am as soft and given stricken

I put myself out there

And lost and won another lesson

So being honest to underling rides

The tides and waters depth

Clouds rain and fire from ceresian desire

Let me tell you about the times

We don’t go back any more

Side by side

I figured a way to entact it all

A time forward of the last 9

Mathematics letters to stamp my life

on the Walls of lines

Connecting us all one at sun spayed light of suns rises

Dancing the great divided

Tied tied and been there

not all the while, not and is, validity

Only to contemplate holes and permanence

Prudence’s Constellations

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