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RPO Gallery Featured Artist

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate First Friday, Cince de Mayo, May art walk! It was a spectacular time talking art and getting to share stories. The magic of what the piece is speaking to us. This exhibition will be open for the whole month and will lead up to next First Friday.

Please make sure to go stop into RPO Gallery to purchase sentiment Art, and to view the artwork. Nothing is larger than life than seeing art in person.

It truly is a testament to the shoulders I stand on before me. How grateful I am to be a featured artist during first Friday to open the Summer market, and also on Cince de Mayo. All I could think about leading up to this event was how I can honor the sacredness of the Earth and Familia. My grandmother is first generation here and I wanted hopefully make her proud. I remember the stories told about how a Saint had carried them through. How my Mother's journey back home to her roots birthed new insight for me today. That the promise of a better life was ahead of them. Which leads to me to carry on the promise of that dream.

Hope to continue to spread happiness through art and thank you again for all the love and encouragement!



1588 S Pearl St

Denver, CO 80210

United States

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