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Say it so

How could I miss something I haven’t had yet

How could I miss you without knowing your touch

How could I feel you the moment I wake up

Like this journey is for your arms

Yet feeling the places in between

If only we’d just open up

We are both so bare and raw

Yet we don’t say the things we want too

all my missing and familiar parts

With the choice of being vulnerable

We dance and stage it up

If we’d only remember that’s not what I love

You’d remember it too

It’s as simple as, as simple does

We’ve spent to much time filling the space up

All I want is to know you closer

Be closer than the words and skies above

I know I haven’t had you yet

Yet you’re on the top of my tongue

Like your kiss is a sworn promise of titled doves

How do I have you, yet I search for you all the same, the best I’d ever know,

I carry you with me in all I do

If only we’d put aside our distractions

Whether I want to admit it’s true

I madly do, I completely choose

It’s like second nature now, don’t you see

All that surrounds me is an image of me

Picturing a world with you

To build a place that leads me to your eyes

A word, an address, that will bridge that paradigm

If you’re doing the same as I hope you do

Then it’s inevitable that true love will be so

Patience is a virtue, may I see the day it holds through, So I try to breathe in and out

Still feelings of wasted time not existing with you

Still thoughts drifting like the boat I swim up river too

May a set of hands know a love I dream up in my mind

I’ll do my part, if you promise to do yours

Doing nothing outside of being

happily diving.

Your heart has already reached mine.

It’s a matter of time.

We’re already together all the while.

May it be what it’s meant to be.

I hope and say it so.


Brianna Ren

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