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This sun burnt moon

Dancing on the clouds of June

How spectacular this coming of you

No one could of dreamt this sonic bloom

For how infinite the creator of truth

Better than you knew to ask for

Why you had to surrender to the hands of the loom

Fortune is a grateful grace held through

The coming you’ve been waiting on too

So come watch this magic coming true

I’d like someone to sit next too

And how blissful it is to just know

The trust of a harmonious touch

Remind me how to live in the rush

Leave the trails of abandonment

Found in the serenity of aliment

Together In the place happen stance

Grounds for the paths of everlast

Chosen each time like before

Remember what they whispered to you

Hear both sides of that silver coin

This way you’ll always know

You’ll never be left to hung out in the blue

You can reach up and smile at the rain

For the water feels so good

Washed in the bathe of life

For this fire can never die

Prestige as her hands melt

The skin is a mirrorless divide

Following the lilac footing of times ride

Brings us to a place of equality in the climb

When lost along the line

Sometimes your meant to glide

Don’t slide into places adrift

For the unknown can be a true Liberty

How freeing it is to be held by the shine

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