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The Bristling Light

As the bristling light scrapes my face

I move forward as the leaves move to their place

Reminders that with each end a new beginning comes

With each hand turns another thumb

Don’t be judged by their lack of compassion

Hold strong for the hours paid in steps

Don’t let them take any bit of every chalice you’ve made

Your body is more than any gold coin

Your heart is treasure beyond the known

Hold warm and sure for it’s only another turn

Tucked away in blankets of hospice

Finding smiles on my face in the days laid in blue

It will all end soon, the hurt, the bad memories you gave to me, I shed

I leave them on the floor of my make shift bed

I lay my burdens down for more larger than the dead

I lay my peace at your feet as well

For here I don’t dwell, for here I am peaceful in times we don’t dare tell,

I don’t give any more glory to your wicked ways

With all the words I choose to say

I get to reclaim mine which was lost on you

I didn’t lose anything in that moment with you

I gained more than you’ll ever know

A new view to this life and land we live

A new dime to chisel my stone of grey

May these occurrences lead me true

May these occasions turn full with bloom

Show the life all you’ve taught me

I know these axes weren’t mine to bare

My heart of glass didn’t expect such wear

All the same, no other life, no other name

So I stand here in the skin I wear new

Glowing and brighter than before of noon

Holding out my hand for you

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