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The Cut Off

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Cutting off.

Cut off means too:

No rebuttals

Don’t give it the time of day

Don’t even let that fill up any space around you

Don’t even let that fill up any space within you

Don’t let that even come near you

Don’t let it effect you

Don’t listen to the lies

Don’t care about the BS

You know the truth.

You know your valid points, feelings, proof, emotions, and instinct.

So when you cut of people and things are aren’t good for you. When you cut off what is a lie.

You open space for freedom, for love, for hope, for prosperity, for truth, for justice, for validity in a tangible realism. Living in a state of Ren, being of good virtue.

You can’t be touched. They can’t harm you. They’ve already lost the battle and the war.

Remember your own strength.

Love always,

Brianna Ren Mason

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