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The Hymes

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

That billy told, told me many things

About the church and who rings the bells

Who sing the Hymes, change potter all it seems

That billy told me of the courts

Those ropes of black and mallet mourns

He warned me of the jury

The pieces of the past not gone

If I wanted truth I’d have to hurry

He did say about my name

Pray no one knows the fake notes

Pray no one knows billy bob joe

For those who he has heard

Have spread many lies, don’t know the words

Holding onto a world that is no more

Pray it hard for justice is needed worth

Billy was a great ole man

I miss him more than I can stand

Yet he did know his time was called

He’d walked the old road more than most

It was tough for him to switch

To know when to let go and who he was with

His road was tethered and to much to bare

I pray it hard, as the stones he wears

That grey lettering all of dates

I hear the verdict now, don’t call my name

The rain comes down and washes clean

My tears away and his plate gray, his flowers green.

So I thank it to the moon each night

For the sun comes to rise may meet the tide

The story is told and only some may know

To be held in oath, so evergreen can bloom

Thank you billy for all you’ve done

Many women now know the sun

For they were dismayed to many times

A man worthy to stand in line

Equal it is now it seems

You paid your debts and she wears a thumb of green

So now life can live on, in peace we are, together as one.

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