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Today’s Missed Ambition

Spend your life

Doing and being whatever it is that makes your heart full and feeling.

That’s all. I know.

There’s no other priority in this life time and in all life.

How simple the answer to your search.

Whats your priority?

Find a way to connect it with what you spend your time doing.

Acceptance. This is what I truly live for and are meant to live for.

At this fruition. At this cost. At this choice. At this switch. At this level of magnitude.

So alright.

Build that. Be that. Focus on that.

Maybe we can all start being happy today. And being happy the have things in motion for the next one. And then you have a life time of beautiful days start to finish. Instead of chasing that finish line to finally live the life of your dreams.

Wake up, feel the sun, enjoy a clean class of water, it’s right in front you... it is. For this soul, for this life, for the reincarnations, of work that can feel like fulfillment.

And I really love sun flowers.

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