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Woman Woman Woman

Woman Woman Woman

Why is that every person in the industry I’m trying to connect with for networking, often leads things in regards to my romantic life.

Making judgments, accusations, questions, or using the status of life to dictate whether we work together, or you’re willingness, and often been a stipulation.

I keep finding myself at these questions I am faced with constantly in regards to trying to have a career in this life.

I shouldn’t have to be with someone to get into this industry, I shouldn’t have to be with someone because they want that of me... yet it’s not reciprocated... which could be based on the necessity for having a job... finding a position I am proud of... happy in.. and able

To sustain myself.

I should be able to reach out to various people, network, work with, share creative space with, whether I’m single, married, divorced, or dating. I wish so many times I could say... please put the romantic gestures aside and see me for a human. To be working towards a life of fullfillment. To be working to build a life.

Thank you, for even being able to see me for the capacity of my art. See me for the drive and ambition of my work ethic. See me for the passion for this Avenue of my life. Thank you because I’m not sure everyone else sees it or understands what and why I am the way I am. That itself is a whole totality of “yes! we’re seeing eye to eye or wrap our minds around this together!” How exciting. To find well it won’t go past anything but this because “we have to be romantically involved, otherwise it doesn’t work for you” yet it’s also having an effect on my ability to get my work out there. Or who I get my work in front of. Or who my colleagues become. Or whatever I spend all my time doing. When I’m trying to make income.

As an expression of

What I want to spend my life doing... how I want to live my life... be myself... enjoy myself... it is nothing in reflection to chemistry with you specifically. This is me.

I hope we can spend time working together. Being friends. Soul family. What level that is. Stay there. Because yeah you’re someone who’s crossed my life/path,

So either we interact or we don’t.

Please don’t take the opportunity away from me because I am woman or from yourself because of not being able to see me more

Than a sex object or something of only able to one thing in this world a partner.

If you see so highest

Of me to want to enjoy your life with me

Then please remember that when you speak to me, please remember that when you make decisions about our relationship with out first seeing it from the other side.

I appreciate the affection all the less

Yet, I wish it was properly guided.

Instead of a miss direction

Which impacts my ability to grow

Which impacts your ability to grow

Which impacts your, mine, and the worlds ability to be happy.

Limiting restrictions have been there in the background of my life for so long. Simply because I am typically profiled as a tiny young pretty woman who’s skin is light.

Often seen as attributes or room for jealousy

I see the other ways it’s been a bigger weight

Or effecting my life due to a bias or a right taken away from me solely based on how I look. Taken away from me the pay I deserve. Taken away from me the times of safety over my body. Taken away from me the right to love my own body. Taken away from me the right to be both a woman and successful and comfortable in my own skin. Taken away from me potential moments of happiness because you can’t look pass what I look like.

Remember this when you’re speaking to and treating someone in that moment. You may not know everything going on behind the scenes. You may not know everything going on in someone’s life for a reason. Yet all the same being kind and considerate and respectful to them despite not knowing.

I hope humanity can come to live at a better standard for you, for me, for us as a collective because otherwise what am I living for? Isn’t this the time of our lives?

Start lifting each other up, instead of tearing down, sidelining, and hindering. You want rights and equality. Remembering this...

Finding myself in rooms with clocks and ticking arms of past and future. Existing it the present.

Hope you join the state of mind.

Allow our women to be beautiful and fully who they are and cherished and uplifted in this country and in this world. There’s so many queens out there in feminine energy who need some recognition.

May masculine energy and feminine energy find a way to healthily coexist in this existence.



Brianna Ren Love Energy

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