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Earth, Air, Water, and Fire

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire

Earth, Air, Water, and Fire was created in the home I lived in during Hurricane Matthew. At the time I was having visions of tree life cycles, burning, healing, rebirthing, and growing. From that exact experience in my life and the memories of starting to understand life cycles came this painting. The paint thick, and abstract created a painting to tell this story in my life. What a beautiful time living in North Carolina. May all the states that have been effected by disasters recieve love, support, aid, and recovery. 


(Funds from this piece will be allocated to helping with previous fires, floods, and other environmental disasters and humane activism)


Once titled "Earth, Air, Water, and Fire" has also been titled "Elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Space". Depending on release information and media variations of explaination. May these images bring understanding of the power of wind and the power of words. May it lead us to respecting life.


May my works continue to bring insight to a better future. May I help others do the good as well.


With Love Always,


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