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Un Ojo: Eye of Protection

Un Ojo: Eye of Protection

Paloma (Eye of Protection) : may she keep you safe and guided. This painting came to me in a vision. A vision I had of colors and lights in a way I'd never imagined before. I instantly wanted to recreate it, document it, and identify each line I saw. Thus, Paloma became. Creations love and light are always divine source in the universe. The flower of life gives and unfolds in glorious ways. Many of life's gifts have entered into my life since seeing this vision. Hope you enjoy my recreation of the torus and may it bring you goodness.

Un OJO: Eye of Protection: In my culture “un OJO” stands for an eye of protection. Often depicted with blue and white, these eyes are meant to keep you out of harms way. When I was a child, I was dressed with “un OJO” so I would be protected and kept out of the evil eye’s gaze. In todays world, since the underworld has been put out, these symbols are to carry out that protection in physical manifestation.


This painting holds a very special place in my heart as it started at the beginning of a phase in my life. A phase of finding one's true self. Once you have found that, do not let it go, for if you follow it out, love will always remain, and where love remains, things grow.


Eye of Ra


Eye of Ren


The All Seeing Eye


The Flower of Life

In pure love and light under protection,



Always Ren

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